Hulk Smash Cake

There are very few things my little man loves more than his mother (or that's what I tell myself anyway) but if I'm being truly honest I rank right up there with his favorite stuffed animals, hot wheels cars, and super heroes. It's funny how the mind of an almost five-year old works, but I count myself as fortunate to be considered at the top of his list of favorite things. I know as he gets older that won't always be the case, so I'm enjoying every last second of it while it lasts.

This year as we sat down to talk about birthday cakes my little guy surprised me. I had assumed we'd be doing a Batman or Angry Birds theme, but instead he wanted to see Hulk, smash—right out of his cake. I kept with the trend of using his birthday gift as a cake topper (which is seriously the easiest way to decorate a cake) and rushed right out to buy a pair of oversized Hulk fists. Three stores later I somehow managed to turn up completely empty, it seems giant Hulk hands were not the "in" toy this year. Of course I didn't let this stop me, I hopped on Amazon and 2 days later they showed up on my front porch, just in time to go on top of the cake. 

If you're looking for an easy DIY cake for your superhero fan, this one couldn't be easier and as an added bonus it's covered in Oreos—because seriously, who doesn't love Oreo cookies?

Hulk Smash Cake | Not Starving Yet


2 nine inch cake layers, any flavor
2 cups dark chocolate buttercream frosting
1 pair of Hulk hands (see notes)
2 packages of Oreo cookies, cream center removed (see notes)
number candle


Before beginning make sure to allow your cake layers to cool completely, otherwise your buttercream will melt.

  • Place the bottom cake layer on a plate or cake stand, cover the top with a good-sized portion of buttercream, then place the second layer on top.
  • Wrap one of the Hulk hands in plastic wrap any place it will come in to contact with the frosting (this makes cleanup a lot easier when you’re done.) Cut away part of the top cake layer, exactly the same size as the bottom of your Hulk hand and place the hand firmly into the layer of buttercream to help keep it stable. Use the remaining buttercream to ice the top and sides of the cake.
  • Remove the cream center from your Oreos, crumble the cookies, and place them around the Hulk hand. Add your number candle, making sure to keep it far enough from your Hulk hand that you won’t accidentally melt it when you light the candle. Serve the cake immediately, preferably with a side of mint chocolate chip ice cream.


While double stuffed Oreos are far superior for eating you’ll end up with fewer chocolate cookies per package. I suggest sticking to regular Oreos for this project (and buying a package of double stuffed to munch on while you work.)

If you're having trouble finding hulk hands locally they're fairly easy to come by online. I used a set of Hulk Gamma Grip Fists that I found on Amazon. 



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