The National Mustard Museum - Middleton, WI #NationalMustardDay

If you've been following along my random musings for the past few months, then you know I've traveled quite a bit this summer and stopped at some pretty cool places. I love sharing them with you, but I've been rather remiss about sharing things in my own back yard. Middleton, WI (just a short drive away from Madison) is home to a museum with a sense of humor, and of all things, it's dedicated to Mustard. Since today is the 25th annual National Mustard Day I knew it would be the perfect time to share this gem with you.

National Mustard Museum - Middleton, WI

When you walk in the door you're immediately greeted by row after row after row of mustard. It's easy to get overwhelmed. Take some time to peruse the shelves, then grab a jar or two (or ten) and head over to the Tasting Bar, located at the back of the museum. You can sample any of the mustards currently stocked, free of charge. 

The Ultimate Mustard Tasting Bar at the National Mustard Museum - Middleton, WI

Our Favorite Mustards 

Colmans Original English Mustard - great for getting rid stuffy noses, but best used on a ham sandwich or to add a little zip to baked chicken. Tracklements Strong English Mustard is another good choice if you like strong mustard.

My latest purchase was the Garlic Honey Mustard from The Garlic Survival Company, but I haven't had a chance to play around with it yet. I'm thinking it would be great in a salad dressing.

Kelley's Gourmet Stone Ground Mustard - I make a killer cheddar jalapeño hot dog on a pretzel bun, drowned in this mustard, then topped off with garlic dill sauerkraut. Delicious!

Plochman's Yellow Squeeze Mustard - a good all-purpose mustard

Uncle Bunk's Medium Mustard Relish - my previous choice for brats, but it hasn't been in stock lately so I've switched allegiances to Hawkwind - Clem's Hot Pepper Mustard 

I was upset to find out during my last visit that my all time favorite mustard Cheddar Ale from Stonewall Kitchen has discontinued. The boys at the tasting counter broke my heart that day when they said they didn't know of anything similar.

If you're looking for a gift or souvenir for the mustard lover in your life, check out the Poupon U Campus Bookstore. I get a good chuckle out of this every single time I walk by— it never gets old.

Poupon U at the National Mustard Museum - Middleton, WI

After your done sampling the hundreds of types of mustard available, make sure to head downstairs to see the actual museum. They have mustards on display from around the world and across the US. Don't miss out on the Mustard Piece Theatre.

Mustard Piece Theater at the National Mustard Museum

No museum worth its salt would be complete with a little artwork. Check out these Works of Mustard scattered throughout the museum. 

Works of Mustard - National Mustard Museum

We love a museum that doesn't take itself too seriously, but I want to offer a word of advice, especially if you're a mayo lover. Watch out for this guy...

Barry Levenson - Mad Genius at large

Barry Levenson, mad genius behind the Mustard Museum is always popping up and getting into trouble. You have been warned!


The museum is free of charge, but does accept donations.

Address: 7477 Hubbard Avenue  | Middleton, WI 53562
Phone: 608-831-2222
Museum Hours: 7 days a week: 10am-5pm 

Visit the National Mustard Museum website for more information


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