What's in my Bag - Food Blogger's Mobile Office and EDC #Sponsored by KeySmart

Will every Pinterest addict out there please raise their hand (if only to reassure me that I'm not alone.) I spend an obscene amount of my spare time pinning really cool looking things that I'll never be able to afford (like my dream kitchen, swoon...) and organizational tips I'll likely never implement (even though I have the best of intentions) and recipes I keep meaning to try (but never seem to find enough time to.) Occasionally I stumble across a tip or gadget I absolutely need to try right now, which was the case when I stumbled across KeySmart. They've agreed to sponsor my post today, so I'll be giving you a look at their compact key organizer system as well as a peek into my newly organized mobile office and every day carry (EDC) items (those handful of items you'll never find me without, like my phone and keys.)  

Over 75% of my writing is accomplished away from home, so I've been browsing Pinterest and Every Day Carry for ways to streamline my system. I have a significant number of items that need to come with me when I leave the house—the weight of these tools is rather staggering. I've been working on slimming down my must-have items and only taking along what I absolutely need to work efficiently, but the process has taken a lot of trial and error to find what really works for me.

Today's post was sponsored by KeySmart who has provided me with one of their nifty key organizers for review purposes.

Today's post was sponsored by KeySmart who has provided me with one of their nifty key organizers for review purposes.

These days my every day carry (EDC) items consist of:

  1. iPhone 5s and Speck SmartFlex Wallet Case
  2. Mtech Assisted Opening Tactical Pocket Knife (it's pretty, yet functional)
  3. Purple Sunglasses from Target
  4. EVELTEK Keychain with KeySmart 2.0 and Leatherman Style CS Multi-tool

    April Special Promo: Get $10 off your purchase of $35 or more at KeySmart

The most recent addition to my EDC is the KeySmart, which I've been eyeing up on pinterest since last fall. It was a little challenging to put together; I ended up taking it apart several times before I was satisfied with the configuration, but it has slimmed down my bulky keychain and completely cured me of that obnoxious key jingle that has followed me everywhere since I turned 15. Now I can sneak around like the stealthy ninja that I am (no-joke, I've studied three different martial arts, including ninjutsu.) But seriously, the KeySmart has solved a problem that really annoyed me—my noisy keychain that never quite fit in my pocket (which is a huge issue because I hate to carry a purse.) Not only does the slimmed down version fit in my pocket, but it can also be hung from my belt loop without leaving me worried that I'm about to unintentionally destroy my favorite jeans (distressed is a style choice, holier than the bible is not.)

Writer's Mobile Office and EDC

The last item that I take with me is my laptop bag. I seriously love the design of this bag (which is why it ended up on one of my holiday gift lists.) The triangle shape and flip down front means I have easy access to everything. I'm really bummed that it's been discontinued, because the design is absolutely genius.

5. Evernote Triangle Commuter Bag from Abrasus (no longer available)

To keep all the little odds and ends in place I use an elastic grid organizer from Cocoon.  The 8 x 12" organizer holds a surprising amount of stuff, just check out the list below (I'm a bit of a pack-rat, but at least I'm organized about it.)

Mobile Office Organization Using Grid-It from Cocoon

6. Cocoon Grit-It Organizer

Panasonic RPHJE120K Earbuds
ColorWay Screen Cleaning Kit
Stalion Saver C3 3200mAh Power Bank
Harbor Freight Mini LED Flashlight
AmazonBasics Lightning to USB Cable - 4 Inches
Altoids The Original Celebrated Curiously Strong Mints

Red Cross Pill Box with assorted medication and band-aids

Mini Sewing Kit in a Metal Tin:

Mini Thread Spools, Needles, Buttons, Elastic, Safety Pins, Foldable Sewing Scissors, and Mini Seam Ripper

Mini Makeup Kit - Altoids Heart Tin:

NOTE: These are sample sizes obtained from Sephora

bareMinerals Original SPF 15 Foundation - Light
MAKE UP FOR EVER Aqua Eyes Eyeliner - Dark Chocolate
Smashbox Photo Op Under Eye Brightener
Stila Eyeshadow - Starlight (full-size)
BENEFIT COSMETICS They're Real! Mascara
Thierry Mugler Angel
Scunci No Slip Bobby Pins
Scunci No Damage Hair Elastics

Neutrogena Pure & Free Baby SPF60+ Sunscreen
Caudaile Paris Hand and Nail Cream

    7. MacBook Pro with 15 inch Retina Display and 85W Adapter
    8. Business Cards (my latest batch came from MOO.com )
    9. Panda Planner (check out our full review here)
    10. Post-it Flags (these make great page markers, especially in cookbooks)
    11. Pilot G2 Bold Point Gel Ink Pens (I'm partial to purple, black is boring)
    12. Totes Compact Umbrella
    13. Spornette Carry On Wooden Handle Hair Brush
    14. Contigo Stainless Steel Travel Mug

My mobile office still has room for improvement, but it's finally set up in a way that I can find all of my tools without having to dig for them. Now if only I could find a way to make myself get dressed in the morning and stop procrastinating when it's time to sit down to write I'd be golden. The problem is that my winter writer's wardrobe (flannel pants and a long sleeve t-shirt) is so comfy I can't bear to trade them in, even for my favorite jeans. 

Perhaps that should be a goal for 2017...

or not...

I'll just add them to my EDC list, they're just as necessary to my writing process as coffee.

15. Joe Boxer Flannel Pajama Pants from Kmart



April Special Promo: Get $10 off your purchase of $35 or more at KeySmart


In an effort to be open with my readers I want to let you know that a sample was provided to me free of charge by KeySmart, for review purposes. As always, all opinions are my own.

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