Not Starving Yet is Crossing the Pond!

Things have been a bit hectic around here lately and I wanted to give you all a quick update and share some exciting news that I've been keeping close to my chest. If you follow me on twitter then you may have caught my brief mention about this a month or so back, but one month from today I'll crossing the pond and spending two weeks in France. I'm excited beyond words since this is my first trip to Europe and it's been two years since I've left the country.

Even though I still have a month until I leave my mouth is already watering at the though of spending two weeks enjoying the the numerous culinary delights I'm sure to encounter. No one approaches food quite like the French, they've truly turned it into an art form. While I'm fortunate to have two weeks to explore and learn, I can't help but be a little disappointed that I don't have more time. There is so much I want to do and see while I'm there. 

France isn't the only trip I have planned, I'm actually going to be spending the better part of the next six weeks on the road and in the air. I'll be starting out in St. Louis where I'll be spending ten days with my family before my little brother's wedding. It will be great to be home, especially since I haven't been able to visit much in the past year. I can't wait to catch up with everyone and celebrate not only my brother's wedding, but my 31st birthday. 

I'm another year older, hopefully a little bit wiser, and I've found my first grey hair (but lets keep that a secret, just between you, me, and the rest of the internet.)

While I'm gone things should proceed pretty much uninterrupted although my social media presence is going to come to a complete standstill. I've decided to leave my cell phone and laptop at home while I'm off gallivanting around the world. I never imagined that blogging would become such an all-consuming presence in my life. Since I started this blog nearly a year ago things have really taken off and while I love spending hours in the kitchen coming up with new dishes to share, as well as reading your questions and comments, I need a chance to recharge my creative batteries.

It's going to be hard to be without you over the next few weeks, you've all become a huge part in my life, but I haven't had a chance to disconnect for more than a day since I started blogging. I'm looking forward to the quiet, the lack of a schedule to follow, and the influence my time in France will give me. Since you won't be able to be there with me and I didn't want to leave you here all alone, I've written a few things ahead of time to give you a small taste of France right here at home.

When I return from my travels I'll be back with a vengeance with even more to share. In the meantime feel free to keep leaving comments and sending me your questions. I love to hear from you!

As always, thanks for stopping by.