What's Up Next? Playing Catch Up and Moving On

My apologies for the sudden disappearance in the middle of what should have been the relaunch of the recipe section. I had to make a very sudden trip back home to visit with my Grandmother. She has severe Alzheimer's and will be in the hospital for an extended period, so I thought a visit from her great-grandson would cheer her up. Now that I'm back home I hope to pick up where I left off, I know I have some catching up to do here on the blog as well as on Steepster

So what's up next, you ask?

Tuesday Tea will feature a selection of teas from Della Terra's Harvest Collection to get you in the mood for the upcoming autumn weather. I'll be sipping on them all weekend in order to bring you several reviews on Tuesday. I'll leave which ones a secret for now, although some of you may have seen my unfinished teaser post that accidentally went up yesterday. Not everything I had listed is correct, so hopefully it will still be a surprise to those of you who saw it.

Also coming up will be reviews of a new customizable tea subscription service called Simple Loose Leaf. They have provided me with a $50 credit to their site to try out the service for 6 months. I will be reviewing a different tea from them each month as well as doing a couple of in depth posts about the company.

I have a number of exciting things lined up for the next few weeks, but I'm going to keep quiet about them for now. Every woman needs to have a little bit of mystery about her to keep things interesting.