Quick and Easy Ham Salad

Before we left town for the holidays I tossed most of an 8lb ham in the freezer. When we got home I busted that baby out and set to work making ham sandwiches on fresh baked bread, ham fried rice, ham and corn chowder, and ham salad. We were in pure hog heaven, let me tell you. 

Out of everything I made with the leftovers, ham salad is my favorite because it brings back so many great memories. After every holiday my grandmother would make up a huge batch for me to take back home so I didn't need to cook for a few days. She isn't able to do that for me anymore, so instead I follow her simple three ingredient recipe and make my own. It never tastes quite as good as the ham salad she made me. That's because it's missing her super secret fourth ingredient (lots of love), but it's still pretty tasty. This simple ham salad recipe is always a crowd pleaser, comes together in a flash, and can be enjoyed on crackers, in a sandwich, or by the spoonful straight out of the container.


Ham Salad
makes 4 - 6 servings


3 cups ham, cubed
1 cup mayonnaise
½ cup sweet pickle relish (see notes)


  • Cut ham into cubes, place in a food processor with mayonnaise, and pulse until the ham is coarsely chopped. 
  • Add sweet pickle relish relish, stir until well combined, then serve spread over bread or crackers.


If you aren't a fan of sweet pickle relish you can use dill pickle relish or hot pepper relish instead.