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When you join Simple Loose Leaf you will tour the world and explore the wonders of tea. Our members embrace the discovery of new passions and rekindle their forgotten loves through our carefully curated menu of teas. Select a plan, make tea selection, and get a package!

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August Selections:

Lady Earl Grey Black
Jasmine Special Grade Green
Blueberry White
Milk Oolong
Honeybush Herbal


Blueberry White


I'll admit that I'm partial to blueberry teas, but like all fruit flavored teas they can be really hit or miss. More often than not they taste nothing like the fruit they claim to be, but the Blueberry White from the August box is one of the few exceptions, it really tastes like blueberry. The blueberry flavor manages to capture the sweet and tart flavors of blueberry without drowning out the strong flavor of the Shou Mei White Tea that is used for the base. With most flavored white teas you'll taste the flavor first and the base second (or not at all,) but with this tea the strong earthy flavors from the Shou Mei really shine. It's a refreshing change from the norm, but I would have preferred just a bit more blueberry flavor.

My Rating: 72/100

Would I order this again? Probably Not. While I enjoyed this tea I would have preferred the blueberry flavor to be just a bit stronger.


Milk Oolong


For my second selection in the August box I decided on the Milk Oolong, even though I've had the opportunity to try this tea before. A fellow Steepster member sent me a sample of it last year when they discovered how much I love oolong tea. I'm always looking to broaden my horizons so I love it when people share their favorite teas with me, especially when it's a company I'm not familiar with. The chance to try out new companies is one of the reasons why I've enjoyed my subscription to Simple Loose Leaf. They've added several small vendors to their line-up, most of which I've never tried before.

Once steeped this tea has a flavor much like I remember from my previous encounter with it. It has a buttery texture, which is partially due to the milk flavoring that has been added. Underneath this is a slightly floral flavor that edges towards peaches and cream once you steep it a second time. Later steeps take on a slightly vegetal flavor that increases with each subsequent steeping. I don't typically enjoy this tea once the sweetness disappears so I only steep it three times. You certainly could continue to resteep it if you still enjoy the flavors, this tea resteeps very well. Overall this is a really nice milk oolong, one that I would certainly order again if Simple Loose Leaf had a convenient way for me to reorder the teas I've enjoyed from the Selection Club. 

My Rating: 89/100

Would I order this again?Yes! I've purchased this before and I would do so again, it's a great example of how flavorful a milk oolong can be.

Lady Earl Grey

I normally pick two teas each month to review, but this month you get a bonus because I've already reviewed Lady Earl Grey. You can check out my review from October 2013 here.


In an effort to be open with my readers I want to let you know that Simple Loose Leaf has provided me with a free subscription to their service. As always, all opinions are my own.