Tuesday Tea - May Selection Club - Simple Loose Leaf

I love getting packages in the mail, don't you? This month my box from the Simple Loose Leaf Selection Club arrived the day I left for my brother's wedding. It sat alone and unloved for a whole week before I was able to open it, but today I'll finally be able to sit down and enjoy Sweet White Peach and Japanese Sencha Saga Green from Simple Loose Leaf. 

I've also reviewed the March and April Boxes, so don't forget to go back and check out those reviews.

Plan Description:

When you join Simple Loose Leaf you will tour the world and explore the wonders of tea. Our members embrace the discovery of new passions and rekindle their forgotten loves through our carefully curated menu of teas. Select a plan, make tea selection, and get a package!

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May Selections:

Simple Loose Leaf sends you a menu with the selections for the month. You can choose to recieve two tea and you'll be sent 1 - 2 oz packages of each of those teas, or you can choose to recieve smaller packages of all five teas.

Japanese Sencha Saga Green
Darjeeling Second Flush
Sweet Peach White
Formosa Oolong
Citrus Hibiscus Herbal


Japanese Sencha Saga Green


There is something about the vegetal flavor green tea has that has appealed to me lately, which is why I selected this tea for my May box. I had hoped by now to be enjoying warm weather and iced tea, but instead enjoyed Japanese Sencha Saga Green as it is traditionally served, hot. With the first sip of this tea I was a bit surprised, while it has the characteristic sweet grassy flavor I expected, it wasn't nearly as vegetal as many sencha teas I've tried. It did have a strong seaweed-like flavor and a tinge of bitterness, but both of those flavors dissipated as the tea cooled, leaving behind a cup of tea that was incredibly easy to drink. This particular sencha will likely appeal to anyone who doesn't like the strong vegetal or bitter flavors commonly found in this type of tea. It was by far the most mild flavored sencha I've come across to date.

My Rating: 72/100

Would I order this again? Probably Not. This tea has a more mild flavor than any other sencha I've tried, but there are other green teas I prefer much more.

Sweet Peach White


I was really happy to see Sweet Peach White on the May selection menu, it's the perfect tea for warm weather and I happen to love peach white tea. The only problem I have is that peach seems to be difficult to recreate in tea and more often than not the flavor comes up lacking. When I made my choices for the April Box I was able to select a sample from the May menu. I'm really glad that this is an option, it helps me determine whether a flavor is worth ordering a larger amount of, or if I need to move on to something else. Ultimately I decided that I really enjoyed this tea and went on to select it as part of my May box with the intention of making several of pitchers of peach iced tea.

The weather has decided to interfere with my plans for enjoying a refreshing glass of ice tea while sitting on our back deck and soaking up the sun. It's been an unseasonably cool year and it was a shock to return to Wisconsin last week to have the high temperature be 49. I had to pull out a sweater and after enjoying a week of St. Louis weather with high temperatures in the low 90s I was ready to hop back in the car and stay with my parents for another week. I resisted the urge and instead made a cup of hot peach tea to ward off the chill. While it wasn't the iced tea I had wanted, it was pretty tasty served hot.

After years of drinking peach teas that didn't live up to my standards I had to question if there was something wrong with those standards. I don't feel like I'm asking for much, I want a tea that tastes like biting into a fresh juicy peach without being overpowering or artificial. In other words, I want my peach tea to taste like peach. It sounds simple enough, but year after year peach teas fail to live up to my expectation and  many of them don't taste like peach at all. From the first sip I knew that Sweet White Peach from Simple Loose Leaf was something special. It has the perfect balance between juicy peach and white tea without tasting artificial. I love that the tea is sweet on it's own, so there is no need to add sugar. Once the weather warms up it will make the perfect iced tea for me to enjoy this summer. 

My Rating: 82/100

Would I order this again? Yes. I could see myself ordering a lot of this tea to enjoy once the Wisconsin weather finally warms up. It's the perfect summertime beverage.


In an effort to be open with my readers I want to let you know that Simple Loose Leaf has provided me with a free subscription to their service. As always, all opinions are my own.