Great Gifts for the Blogger or Writer in Your Life

Writers are notoriously easy to shop for. Most of them would be happy if you gave them a Fun Book, a Procrastination Pen, or a Moleskine Notebook. However, you and I both know that you won't be the only one to think of the basics. If you're looking for something a little bit different this year these tools will help the blogger or writer in your life stay organized and productive even on the go.



For the writer on the go

Evernote Commuter Bag - I've wanted this bag since it first came out and one day I will find a way to make it mine. The front of the bag folds down, giving you easy access to everything inside. This is an absolutely brilliant design!

Contigo Autoseal Stainless Steel Travel Mug- Finally a travel mug that doesn't leak and keeps beverages hot or cold for hours. I've been impressed with how long my tea stays hot on a cold winter day when left in the car.

Business cards from MOO (not pictured) - even though I do most of my work online I still go through an obscene amount of business cards. Why not treat your writer to some gorgeous full-color cards this year and a new Metallic Bungee Cord Card Case to store them in. I love this design because even though I've dropped it a hundred and one times my cards still stay secure inside.


To help them organize

Grid-It Organizer - Instead of digging in the bottom of your bag to find what you need the interweaving bands on the grid-it organizer hold even odd-sized items securely in place.

Book Darts - These thin clips hold your place without permanently marking your page.

Post-it Mobile Attach and Go Notes and Flags Dispenser - I may have a bit of a post-it addiction, most writers do, but I love these because they attach to the inside of my notebook so I always have them on hand.

Evernote Premium (not pictured) - I primarily use Evernote to organize my recipes, but it's a great way to save interesting articles I've come across online, digitally manage business cards, and keep track of meeting notes.


Something to help with the caffeine addiction

Writer Definition Mug by CafePress and a gift card to a local coffee shop. Like many writers caffeine is what keeps me productive. I spend every Wednesday night at one of our local coffee shops cramming as much work as I can into four short hours. It's pretty well impossible to get any writing done with a toddler running around.



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