Tuesday Tea - Tea Co-op November Box - Simple Loose Leaf

The New Tea Co-op:

This is the first month for the new format of the Simple Loose Leaf box, now called the Tea Co-op. While the bones of the subscription are still very similar to the previous plan there were a few changes made. Most importantly, you now have the option to reorder the teas you've enjoyed from your monthly box. When you sign up for your subscription you're provided with a membership ID number. When you're ready to reorder you enter that number in the discounts section at checkout and you receive 50% off your teas. It's a pretty straightforward process and a huge step forward for Simple Loose Leaf. My biggest complaint about their previous subscription plan was that I couldn't reorder the teas I had enjoyed from my monthly box.

This month the box included five ¼ ounce samples as well as some pretty nifty reusable tea filters. If you've subscribed to the box before you'll notice the amount of tea has decreased significantly from the pervious plan, but then again so has the price. I find that the smaller amount of tea doesn't bother me like I thought it would. It is enough to have several cups of tea and determine if it is something I want to reorder and doesn't leave me with a lot of leftover tea if I don't care for it. I'll be honest, there have been plenty of teas I've been sent that I just haven't loved enough to drink more than a few cups of. Now I can enjoy trying something new every month and not worry about what to do with the leftover tea that wasn't to my tastes.

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November Selections:

Kukicha Green

Four Horsemen Black

 (see our previous review)

Large Leaf Masala Chai

Magnolia Oolong (see our previous review)

Seven Seas Herbal


Seven Seas Herbal


I didn't enjoy the herbal tea included in the box this month, so I'm glad the sample size was small. It means I didn't feel as bad about immediately sticking it in my swap box. The mixture of cinnamon chips, ginseng root, peppermint, echinacea, sarsparilla root, licorice root, and organic south african rooibos may have smelled wonderful, but had a flavor that is what I imagine dirty gym socks would taste if I had decided to boil them up and make tea out of them. It wasn't entirely pleasant, but if you're a fan of "detox teas" then this is probably right up your alley. 

I may not have enjoyed the herbal sample this month, but I have previously reviewed several of the other teas that were included in my box. Magnolia Oolong and Four Horsemen Black both happen to make the list of Top 5 teas I've wanted to reorder from Simple Loose Leaf. 

My Rating: 41/100

Would I order this again?No. I wasn't impressed with the flavor of this herbal tea.


In an effort to be open with my readers I want to let you know that Simple Loose Leaf has provided me with a free subscription to their service. As always, all opinions are my own.