Snowmageddon, Egg Drop Soup, A Black Spoon and National Get Organized Month

It may surprise you, but all of these things are somehow related, although I'm sure they're only related in my life. I lead such an odd existence sometimes. I'll start my tale off with the fact that in addition to this being National Hot Tea Month it is also National Get Organized Month. I should really do that, get organized, I mean. I've been meaning to, it's on my top 10 list of things I should do, like eat more vegetables and take a multi-vitamin.  

I've given it a lot of thought, but I'm a huge procrastinator, so it will likely never happen.

If you ask anyone they will likely tell you that I'm horrible about staying organized. My kitchen is a mish-mash of things thrown here an there, leaving little counter space to work with. We won't even talk about my dining room... My husband is a little sensitive to the fact that I bought a table to seat 8 people and we're lucky to cram the three of us at it. The other 5 seats are taken up with props for food photography and tea.

An obscene amount of tea, but then again I consider tea as necessary to my existence as air.

Did you know that in amongst all of my piles of food props I don't own a black spoon? Probably not, I didn't know this until last night. I know this may seem odd, it certainly did to my husband last night, when at 11pm as he was heading off to bed, I was calmly explaining to him why he was not having egg drop soup for dinner the next day.

It was because I didn't have a black spoon. 

Yes, you read that correctly. I'm sure you've got the same confused look on your face that my husband had last night. Let me give you a little insight into how I work, it might make a little more sense. The night before I'm ready to put the finishing touches on a recipe, I set up a good portion of the photography layout on my kitchen table. When I wake up, after my toddler is done with our pretend school day and has gone off to have free play time, I cook whatever it is I have planned for that day. In this case it was egg drop soup, since in addition to being National Hot Tea Month and National Get Organized Month, it is also National Hot Soup Month.

January happens to be a busy month. 

Anyway, I was searching through piles of dishes looking for a white bowl to go with my white spoon. Apparently I don't have one, but I do have a beautiful Asian-style black bowl I decided to use. Problem solved, or so I thought. My white spoon clashes with the layout for the black bowl. It just won't do. 

I need a black spoon.

After a bit of searching online, I finally found one black Asian-style soup spoon. It will likely be the most expensive spoon I have ever purchased since most of my props come from Goodwill, but Amazon will have it to me by Thursday. Yes, I know my food posts are on Wednesday, I had something else planned for this week.

It will not be egg drop soup, that was actually my post for Chinese New Year later in the month.

I had intended on finally posting my egg nog French toast recipe, but I have a rather shocking admission to make. I've run out of food. That's pretty shocking for a food blogger and I imagine you're all sitting there with your mouths hanging open at this point. Probably not, I have an over active imagination, just ignore me.

I'm not out of everything, mind you, my pantry is stuffed full as it always is. See, here is the evidence that I did not run out of everything. My son, in fact, managed to find everything in the pantry. This photograph was serendipity, don't you love when that happens?

I may not be out of everything, but I'm out of some very key ingredients that I need to make, well, everything.

You see the problem started when Snowmageddon hit this week, at least that is how my mother is referring to it. We haven't actually had snow in days, but our temperatures have been hovering around -15 all week, apparently all the snow is down in St. Louis where she lives. I thought I had done a good job of stocking up, I picked up 2 gallons of milk and various other soup making necessities, but I forgot one important thing. You can't make egg drop soup or French toast without eggs. 

I'm completely out of eggs. How did that happen? Last month I was positively swimming in them. I had 6 dozen in the fridge, taking up very valuable space that I needed for Christmas side dishes, defrosting my ham, and other yummy things.

So back to National Get Organized Month...

It is officially on my to-do list, running out of eggs is not acceptable. 

There will be no food post tomorrow, but I hope you've enjoyed the brief look into my rather odd life. Hopefully by Friday Snowmageddon will be over and I can pop out to the store, pick up a few dozen eggs, and get back to putting the finishing touches on my egg drop soup and egg nog French toast recipes.