Tuesday Tea - Road Trip Edition: Bottled Organic Gunpowder Mint - Tao of Tea

Tea Description:

The heart of the Moroccan tea tradition lies in the artful blending of Gunpowder green tea with choicest, sweet, cooling peppermint. It embodies a spirit of humility and warmth when served.

Shelf stable. Refrigerate after opening. Best served cold. 

Full Leaf Quality: We promise quality by using only full leaf pure teas. No concentrates or extracts.

Something Special: We pledge a portion of our proceeds to foundations helping children with special needs. Your purchase helps support the cause. Thank You.

Ingredients: Filtered water, organic green tea, organic peppermint leaves, ascorbic acid (vitamin C)

Microbrewed Bottled Tea Beverages

Our unsweetened, organic pure-leaf varieties are brewed in small, craft-style batches at our microbrewery in Portland, Oregon. We use no oils, flavorings or extracts and promise quality by using only pure full leaf teas. 

Other Information:

Leaf Type: Green (flavored)

Where to Purchase: Tao of Tea


It has been quite some time since I've had gunpowder mint green tea, but I'm a huge fan of Rishi's Moroccan mint tea. If you've noticed the difference in names, gunpowder tea is used as the base for Moroccan mint and the names are often times used interchangeably. I love the fact that our small town grocery store has started carrying a wide variety of high end bottled tea and have been pretty pleased with the quality so far. The week before we left I decided to pick up a bottle of organic gunpowder mint green tea from Tao of Tea for my road trip to Arkansas. 

This particular tea lacks a lot of the flavor, as well as the smokiness that I am accustomed to seeing in a gunpowder tea. I'm not sure if it is covered up by the ascorbic acid that is used as a preservative or just lacking in general, but I have an incredibly hard time picking out the flavors I normally associate with this type of tea. This did have a very nice flavor from the peppermint, but even it managed to be drowned out by the strong use of ascorbic acid, leaving me a bit disappointed.

My Rating: 60/100

Would I order this again? No. At $3.49 for 11.5 oz it is a very pricey for a bottle of tea, especially one that falls so short in the flavor department.