Tuesday Tea - White Orchard Sampler - Adagio

When I first started ordering from Adagio I discovered that their sampler packs were a great introduction to the company and are pretty reasonably priced starting at $7. This gave me the opportunity to try four new teas at once without being stuck with a lot of tea I may not like. Each sample pack contains enough tea for 5 cups, so up to 20 cups of tea in the white orchard sampler. Samples can be purchased individually starting at $2 each, so you generally save a little money going with a pack. 


Sampler Description:

A wonderful introduction to the wide range of flavored white teas. This set includes (though subject to infrequent change):

White Pear

White tea from Fujian, China infused with the flavor of ripe pears. A wonderfully smooth and subtle treat.

White Blueberry

Juicy blueberry flavor and white tea from Fujian, China. Very fragrant, soft mouthfeel, refreshing finish.

White Peach

 Sweet white tea from China with flowery flavor of juicy peaches. Smooth and playfully "peach fuzz" dry.

White Tropics

Delicate white tea from China with tropical coconuts and pineapple. Relaxing and delightfully simple sweet.

Overall Sampler Rating: 53.5/100 Individual reviews will be posted soon, so make sure you check back on Tuesday.

How did I arrive at that number? I added all four ratings together and divided by 4. Simple Math, even I can do it :) But seriously, check out my about page for more information about how I come to my rating numbers and feel free to contact me if you have questions.

Would I order this again? Probably not, this pack had a 50% failure rate with me. I might pick up the peach and blueberry in a sample size just for something different on occasion, but the White Tropics and White Pear were a complete miss in my opinion. Still, I do think it is a good option if you are new to Adagio or flavored white tea.