Hello and welcome to the first post since I decided to relaunch my blog. If you're a reader who has stuck with me through the change I encourage you to give us a chance once again as we get through our first rocky months and a whole lot of content changes. I'm sure you've noticed that we have a completely new, and much more streamlined design. There are more changes in the works, but the bulk of the big things are complete. I hope to have the RSS feed back up and running soon in case you were following updates that way.

As far as changes go, we're going to start things off with a bang tomorrow with our first Tuesday Tea review. Up first is Almond Cookie from Georgia Tea Company. 

Since discovering Steepster about a month ago I've been very active reviewing tea and though that I would continue this on the blog in a more in depth manor. Not familiar with Steepster? It is a great community for tea drinkers so I highly recommend you check it out if you love tea as much as I do. What I love most about the site, other than the reviews, is how easy it is to discover new varieties of tea. Everyone in the discussion forums have been incredibly helpful with the questions I've posted so don't forget to take a look at what new discussions are going on. You can check it out using the button located on the right and see what I'm up to in between my Tuesday posts. I generally log two different teas a day, unless I'm travelling. 

Once things settle down around here I hope to relaunch my recipe section, which I pulled because I was tired of people stealing my photos. I won't rant much about that, I only want to mention that if you want to use any of the photos seen on this site please please please ask for permission. If you're not using the photos for monetary gain chances are pretty good I'll let you use them, so please just ask.

My goal for the future is 2 recipes per week which I hope to increase as I have time. I expect to relaunch towards the end of summer once I'm not travelling for long stretches of time, so keep checking back and feel free to contact me with suggestions or comments.

Until tomorrow,