Product Review - Gingerbread Cookie House Kit - Orbit Cookies and Chocoley

Tea wasn't the only thing I ordered on Black Friday/Cyber Monday, I placed a huge order with a company in Georgia called Chocoley to kick off my holiday baking season. They've been my go-to source for all things chocolate since 2011 due largely in part to their excellent customer service. When part of my order wasn't available to ship immediately they called and let me know there would be a one week delay in having the out of stock item shipped out. I can't remember the last time someone called to talk to me personally when there was a problem with my order and I really appreciate the extra personal attention.

The Cyber Monday promotion Chocoley offered this year caught my eye because not only did they offer 20% off the entire order, but they also included a free 12 ounce package of Cookie Blend chocolate and a Gingerbread House kit from Orbit Cookies. I wasn't sure I was going to have enough time to make our gingerbread house from scratch this year, my husband is getting ready to go in for surgery soon and the baby and I have had the stomach flu, so I was really glad I had this on hand. 



Okay, you 'Do It Yourself Chocoholics' 'tis the season' and you know what that means... It's time to gather around the kitchen table and start buildin' your dream know, the kind covered in candy & goodies and suitable for your entire household to participate.

Opportunity is knocking at the front door to acquire and construct the absolute cutest & most adorable little gingerbread houses on the planet using our complete Gingerbread Cookie House Kit...Avoid the long holiday lines at the big box hardware stores; this little box has everything you need to create this delightful munchable mini-mansion!

This remarkably edible showplace is gonna be the talk of the neighborhood and just think, no building permits required, no weather delays, no labor strikes and no Homeowner's Association approvals. Hey, you can even get away with using child labor for this family fun construction project... then display your architectural wonder as a holiday centerpiece!

Hurry, supplies are limited, so grab your cookies and start building before it's too late and this real estate bonanza crumbles!

So adorable when constructed, we recommend for decorative use only.



  • 7-Piece Prefab Gingerbread Cookie House
  • Icing
  • Fondant
  • enough hard candies to completely decorate your house (or give you a mouth full of cavities)


This was the first year my son was old enough to build a gingerbread house with me, but I wasn't sure we would have the time to make one. I didn't want to miss out on one of my favorite holiday traditions and this kit was the perfect solution to my problem. It ended up being very easy to assemble, came with easy to follow instructions, and included everything I needed in the package. I didn't even need to make icing. One thing that really stood out was that the kit included a notched base for the house. The added stability this provided makes this the perfect kit to use with a young child.


As you can see from the photos, my house arrived well packaged and unbroken. I like the fact that the pieces were shrink wrapped together to ensure they didn't break during shipping. The kit also included a nice variety of candy for decorating, with enough extras to eat a fair amount while constructing our house. We did end up running out of gumdrops, so I wish the kit included more, but part of the problem was my son decided to eat them all. We also ran out of icing, since the kit didn't include a decorating tip for the icing bag it was difficult to make a thin line as we "glued" the house together. This meant we used twice as much icing as necessary. I would love to see either a second package of icing included, or have a decorating tip on the bag so we didn't waste as much icing.


As we were building our house we taste tested everything and I was pleasantly surprised by the quality. I've put together other kits in the past where the gingerbread was stale and the candy as hard as a rock. That wasn't the case here, the gingerbread was soft and tasted good (although not quite as good as mine.) The candy balls weren't hard enough to break a tooth and the gumdrops were gummy, as they should be. My only complaint in taste was the fondant. While my son did have fun rolling it into little pieces, neither one of us wanted to eat it.


Our finished house turned out great and has managed to hold its shape, even though my son has climbed up on the sideboard every few minutes to steal candy pieces off to eat. If he keeps up his current pace he'll run out of candy and start on the roof by tomorrow. If he's anything like me, he'll be having gingerbread house for breakfast... now you know why I really like this holiday tradition ::grins::



  • Arrived well packaged and unbroken
  • Everything was fresh and tasted good
  • Includes everything you need 
  • Easy to use with a small child
  • Notched base for added stability


  • Not enough icing or gumdrops
  • Difficult to make a fine line without a decorators bag and tip
  • Fondant did not taste good

My Rating: 95/100

Would I order this again? Absolutely! This ended up being a great time saver for me this year.