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Tuesday Tea - Lady Earl Grey Black - Simple Loose Leaf

Tea Description:

Our very popular Earl Grey blend of citrus bergamot over an extraordinary Nilgiri Black Tea with the added indulgence of Vanilla. This mouthwatering combination is the perfect invigorating treat. For the famed “London Fog” effect, add steamed milk and enjoy a smooth and creamy delight.

South Indian Flower Orange Pekoe Black Tea, Earl Grey Flavor, Vanilla Flavor, Cornflowers

Other Information:

Leaf Type: Black (flavored)

Where to Purchase: Simple Loose Leaf

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Suggested Brewing Tips:

Serving Size: 1 teaspoon per 8oz serving

Water Temp: 200 - 210°F

Steep Time: 2 - 4 minutes


It's no secret that I love a good Earl Grey, it has been my go-to tea for as long as I can remember. I can still remember when I discovered there was such a thing as Cream Earl Grey, my favorite tea plus a hint of sweetness from the vanilla, it was love at first sight! In going through Simple Loose Leaf's site I had a hard time making the selections for my subscription, so many things sounded good, but I knew that I had to try this one out first. Now that autumn is here the weather is turning wet and dreary, there is nothing like a good cup of Earl Grey to keep me warm.

You may have noticed above under my suggested brewing guidelines that Simple Loose Leaf has provided a wide range for the brewing temperature of this tea. For my review I decided to try the tea out at 208°F, 205°F, and 200°F because these were the easiest temperatures to dispense using my Zojirushi Water Boiler. I would suggest that if you order this tea you experiment with the water temperature to find your perfect cup, but you're welcome to use my findings below for a jumping off point.

My first cup of tea was prepared at 208°F (3m), which is one of the preset temperatures on my water boiler. Initially I found the tea to be overly astringent while hot, much more so than I care to drink. I let the tea cool to room temperature and the astringency disappeared, leaving me with a nice strong cup of Earl Grey with a hint of vanilla peaking through. This will be my chosen temperature for when I want to drink this tea either iced or at room temperature because once it cooled I was left with a great bold flavor that I enjoyed, but none of the astringency that I found while it was hot.

Seeing that 208°F left me with a more astringent cup that I preferred I decided to drop the temperature down to 205°F (3m) for my next cup. This left me with a nearly perfect cup of tea. It had a bold flavor, similar to my previous cup, followed up by a hint of vanilla and only the smallest bit of astringency.

At 200°F (3m) I found that the tea was not strong enough for my tastes, but it will be perfect for those who don't like a bold Earl Grey. The flavor of the bergamot was really toned down with the cooler temperature water.

Overall I thought this was a nice Earl Grey suitable for a variety of tastes. It can be served as is, or sweetened to draw out the flavor from the vanilla just a bit more. I've always felt that it can be rather difficult to find the right balance of flavor between bergamot and vanilla. Many blends that I've tried have contained more vanilla than I prefer, making the tea overly sweet. In this particular blend the reverse it true, it is heavier on the bergamot flavoring and lighter on the vanilla.  I really liked that the vanilla just barely made itself known, offering me something just a little bit different than my standard Earl Grey.

Right now Not Starving Yet readers can use coupon code NSYSELECTION25 to receive 25% off when you sign up for the Simple Loose Leaf tea of the month club.

My Rating: 80/100

Would I order this again? Possibly. I think this would be nice to add variety in my cupboard, but it hasn't managed to replace my current favorite Earl Grey. 


In an effort to be open with my readers I want to let you know that Simple Loose Leaf has provided me with a $50 credit to use towards their subscription service. It did not cover the cost of everything and I paid $9.54 out of pocket. As always, all opinions are my own. If you are a company and would like to send me an item for review feel free to drop me an email.