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Tuesday Tea - Golden Monkey Black Tea - TeaVivre

Tea Description:

Golden Monkey comes from Fujian Province. Dry tea looks like monkey’s claw with conspicuous golden tips. When brewed, rich aroma of black tea could be smelled. It tastes mellow and smooth. The sweet aftertaste performs quickly and lasts long.

Coming from Fujian, the Golden Monkey is made of the fresh buds and leaves of Fuding Pekoe, by lightly sun withering, rolling, fermentation and drying. Golden Monkey has the particular aroma of black tea. You could scent the fruity flavor through every sip of the tea.

The golden hairy tips truly make this tea more attractive. This is one reason why it is called Golden Monkey. Another reason is its monkey-claw-liked shape of the dry tea, which is in golden and black color. When brewed, the Golden Monkey Tea tastes brisk and smooth for the first sip, presenting a distinctive flavor. If you like stronger flavor, you could brew for a longer time. The sweet aftertaste could act faster for thicker liquid. You could only feel it when trying by yourself.

Ingredients: Fuding Pekoe Black Tea

Other Information:

Leaf Type: Black

Where to Purchase: TeaVivre

Growing Information:
Produced in Fuding, Fujian(福建), China
Harvest Time: March 29, 2013

Suggested Brewing Tips:

Serving Size: 1-2 teaspoons (7g) per 8oz serving

Water Temp:  194°

Steep Time:  3 steeps: 1m, 2m, 3m

TeaVivre also provides brewing instructions for using a 3 oz Gaiwan. In case you aren't familiar with what a Gaiwan is, it is a Chinese lidded bowl used for brewing and drinking tea. I can't go into Gaiwan style brewing much yet because it isn't a style I am overly familiar with, I typically brew western style in a tea pot.

Serving Size: 4g

Water Temp:  194°

Steep Time:  7 steeps: rinse, 10s, 20s, 30s, 50s, 1m10s, 1m30s, 2m


I'd like to start off by thanking Angel at TeaVivre for providing me with this sample. Out of all the teas that I review I always find straight black teas to be the most difficult. I don't tend to drink them often since I don't seem to enjoy them as much as other teas and this makes it very difficult to come up with a fair and accurate rating. I'll admit that I struggled with this a bit, which is why it is being posted several hours later than I expected.

Just a quick reminder that TeaVivre provides several different methods for brewing their teas, these instructions are available on their website as well as above. Just a word of advice, you will have much more accurate results using a kitchen scale to measure out the weight of the tea (in grams) than you would using a teaspoon. Typically I prepare my tea western style in a ceramic tea pot. For this review I used 7 grams of tea, prepared 3 steeps at 1m, 2m, and 3m.

The first steep of this tea has subtle sweet fruit flavor that manages to shine above the malty flavors of the tea. Towards the end of each sip there is a nice toasted note that I expect will get stronger in later steeps. What I found interesting is that this particular Golden Monkey is missing is the subtle cocoa notes that I have seen present in many others and I find that I really miss them. 

With the second steep the toasted notes begin to take over, pushing the malt flavors to the background. Even as these flavors develop in later steeps there are still no cocoa notes, but the subtle fruitiness is still there hiding in the background. By the third steep the flavors really begin to darken and take on more earthy notes. I find that I don't really care for the third steep, but I believe that is a taste preference, as I mentioned before I'm not the biggest fan of straight black teas. 

My Rating: 84/100 Want to better understand my rating system? Check out the about tab for more information.

Would I order this again? Yes, but not for myself. While this isn't a tea that I would drink on a regular basis, I do believe that it is right up my husband's alley. He tends to enjoy straight black teas with heavy malt notes such as this one where I prefer a sweeter black tea.

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In an effort to be open with my readers I want to let you know that this sample was provided to me free of charge by TeaVivre for my review. As always, all opinions are my own. If you are a company and would like to send me an item for review feel free to drop me an email.