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Tuesday Tea - Anxi Monkey King (Ma Liu Mie) Tie Guan Yin Oolong Tea - TeaVivre

Tea Description:

TeaVivre brings you the fresh Monkey King Monkey King Tie Guan Yin which has no heavy roasting flavor. It is from the origin place of Tie Guan Yin, Anxi in Fujian Province. The twisted dry leaves are tight and strong in dragonfly-like shape. Dry tea has the light refreshing fragrance of vegetables and fruits. After brewed, the characteristic fresh scent of Tie Guan Yin comes. The tea liquid tastes sweet and its fragrance lasts long. 
Tie Guan Yin has two different kinds of making method, Zheng Chao (正炒,) and Tuo Suan (拖酸), which was introduced in the description of Anxi Superfine Tie Guan Yin. This Anxi Monkey King (Ma Liu Mie) Tie Guan Yin belongs to zheng chao Tie Guan Yin tea, has comfortable brisk and smooth flavor without the sour taste on your tongue, just like the Anxi Superfine Tie Guan Yin.

Other Information:

Leaf Type: Oolong

Where to Purchase: TeaVivre

Growing Information:
Produced in Anxi (安溪), Fujian Province, China
Harvest Time: May 1, 2013

Suggested Brewing Tips:

Serving Size: 2-3 teaspoons (10g) per 8oz serving

Water Temp:  212°

Steep Time:  3 steeps: 1m, 2m, 3m

TeaVivre also provides brewing instructions for using a 3 oz Gaiwan. In case you aren't familiar with what a Gaiwan is, it is a Chinese lidded bowl used for brewing and drinking tea. I can't go into Gaiwan style brewing much yet because it isn't a style I am overly familiar with, I typically brew western style in a tea pot.

Serving Size: 7g

Water Temp:  212°

Steep Time:  7 steeps: rinse, 25s, 35s, 45s, 55s, 65s, 75s, 85s


Over the last year I have become a huge fan of Oolong and have really enjoyed being able to sample so many different varieties. If you read the full description above you may have noticed that there are two different methods of producing Tie Guan Yin, Zheng Chao (正炒) and Tuo Suan (拖酸.) My current favorite Tie Guan Yin happens to be produced using Tuo Suan method so it will be interesting to try Anxi Monkey King (Ma Kiu Mie) which is produced using Zheng Chao method. 

I want to tell you upfront that this is a truly special tea. Every once in a blue moon I feel the need to talk about the texture of a tea because it really stands out. This is one of those teas that I feel the need to hold on my tongue every time I take a sip. It has a wonderful silky mouthfeel that I don't often encounter. I had to be really careful to remember to take notes on each steep, because last time I came across a tea like this I was distracted by the texture and managed to drink 4 complete steeps without taking a single note. Thankfully Angel at TeaVivre provided me with three samples, one I can write about and two I can get lost in. 

Just a quick reminder that TeaVivre provides several different methods for brewing their teas, these instructions are available on their website as well as above. Just a word of advice, you will have much more accurate results using a kitchen scale to measure out the weight of the tea (in grams) than you would using a teaspoon. Typically I prepare my tea western style in a ceramic tea pot. For this review I used 7 grams of tea, prepared 3 steeps at 1m, 2m, and 3m.

The first steep of this tea immediately showed me how special it was. As I mentioned above it had a nice silky mouthfeel to it that just begs to be savored, although the flavor is slightly drying. I did notice that this particular Tie Guan Yin is not as floral as many others that I have had. 

The second steep surprised me by having an even more noticeable silky mouthfeel. The flavor has really deepened, taking on some mineral notes, yet still retaining the floral notes. By the third steep the silky mouthfeel had begun to taper off, which was a little disappointing because it is one of the aspect that I most enjoyed about this tea.

I think that in the future if I order this tea I will play around with steep times a bit starting out at 1m and increasing by 15s with each subsequent steep. That way hopefully I will be able to keep more of the silky mouthfeel that I enjoyed. I also wanted to note that this tea is best consumed shortly after steeping, just as the tea is starting to cool. As the tea cools to room temperature it looses the silky mouthfeel and I found it to be much less enjoyable.

My Rating: 89/100 Want to better understand my rating system? Check out the about tab for more information.

Would I order this again? Yes! As I've mentioned I really enjoy the silky mouthfeel of this tea, it is a tea you can get lost in.

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In an effort to be open with my readers I want to let you know that this sample was provided to me free of charge by TeaVivre for my review. As always, all opinions are my own. If you are a company and would like to send me an item for review feel free to drop me an email.