6 Easy Super Bowl Recipes

The Super Bowl is almost here and this is your friendly reminder that you only have a week to decide what you're going to fix for the big game. Here are six easy recipes to get you started.

6 Easy Super Bowl Recipes
  1. Blueberry Chicken Salad — served on croissants
  2. Dr Pepper Pulled Pork — served on caramelized onion rolls or as tacos
  3. Guacamole — with tortilla chips
  4. Ham Salad — served on crackers or as sandwiches
  5. Caramelized Onion Dip — served with pita chips or potato chips
  6. Roasted Red Pepper Hummus — with a variety of fresh veggies or pita chips

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Blueberry Cardamom Smoothie

Last week when I mentioned I was on a bit of a blueberry kick, I wasn't kidding. I've been eating them for breakfast, lunch, and dinner for the past two weeks. Most of my meals have consisted of that awesome blueberry chicken salad I shared with you last week (it's seriously addictive) but I've also been making a lot of smoothies too. 

I tend to save most of my smoothie making for warmer weather. The last thing you would think I would want for breakfast in the middle of winter is something cold, but sometimes a girl just wants what she wants, even if it isn't in season and even if it is 20°F outside. Fortunately I have a freezer full of frozen berries with which to feed my craving. Sometimes it pays to be prepared, which is one of the best skills I learned when I was a Girl Scout.

My blueberry cravings started two weeks ago when I stumbled across a new flavor of yogurt at the grocery store. I'd never seen blueberry and cardamom paired together before, so of course it caught my eye and once I had tried it there was no going back. I knew it had to be made into a smoothie.

So I made one. Then I made another and another... this is how addiction starts, I know, you don't have to tell me. Instead why don't you try the smoothie, then tell your friends, family, and even your boss about how mindblowingly awesome it was (well, unless you don't like your boss, then in that case you have my permission to drink it in front of them and refuse to share the recipe.) The sooner you go out and make this smoothie the sooner we can all be addicted to it together. It is seriously that good.

Blueberry Cardamom Smoothie

Blueberry Cardamom Smoothie
makes 1 serving


½ cup unsweetened almond milk (see notes)
1 cup blueberries, frozen
1 banana, medium sized
¼ teaspoon cardamom, ground


  • In a blender combine almond milk, blueberries, banana, and cardamom. Blend until smooth. Serve immediately.


You don't have to stick with almond milk for this recipe so feel free to substitute. 

Blueberry Chicken Salad Croissant

I've been on a blueberry kick lately, even though they aren't in season. I've made these fabulous blueberry muffins, blueberry cardamom smoothies (I'll be sharing those soon), and my all-time favorite lunch— blueberry chicken salad.

This delicious dish was one of the first I discovered when I came to visit my husband in Wisconsin (he lived there for nearly a year before we got married.) I came up to visit every opportunity I could, but I was working two jobs, finishing up my my senior thesis and catching up on work from the leave of absence I took the previous semester. My time to visit was both sporadic and limited, I'd often come up for a day or two at a time before turning around and making a marathon sprint back home (hopefully arriving in time for my first class on Monday.)

While I waited for him to get off of work I would walk over to the coffee shop near his apartment, grab a bite to eat, and attempt to get some work done. My favorite menu item was called the bluebird, a chicken salad made with dried blueberries, walnuts, and white cheddar served on a locally made baguette. It was delicious, addictive, and I knew I had to figure out a way to have it more often. After toying around with different ingredients and proportions for a few weeks I finally came up with something that tasted even better than the original. Seven years later it still remains one of my favorite things to make for lunch and since it uses dried blueberries it can easily be made year around.

Do you have a favorite go-to lunch item? I'd love to hear about it in the comment section below.


Blueberry Chicken Salad
makes 3 - 4 sandwiches


16 ounces chicken breasts
sea salt and fresh ground pepper, to taste
¼ cup chicken broth or stock
¼ cup dried wild blueberries
¾ cup mayonnaise
¼ cup celery, diced
1 Tablespoon shallot, diced
 cup walnuts
mixed spring greens 
3-4 croissants


  • Lightly season the chicken breasts with sea salt and pepper, then place in a skillet with chicken broth or stock. Bring the stock to a simmer, cover the skillet and cook for 10 - 15 minutes on medium-low or until the internal temperature of the chicken reaches 160°F.
  • Dice chicken, add dried blueberries, and cover while the chicken cools. The steam from the cooked chicken will rehydrate the blueberries.
  • Once the chicken has cooled add mayonnaise, celery, shallot, and walnuts. Mix well, then refrigerate overnight.
  • Serve on a croissant topped with mixed spring greens. Enjoy!


This dish is best when prepared in advance and allowed to sit overnight, but will be ready to eat after about 4 hours of refrigeration. It can be stored in a sealed container for 3-4 days.